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Name: Alsahabah Masjid
Email address: [email protected]
In memo, you can write the purpose of your donation: Masjid Operation, Sadaqah, Zakah, Fitrah, Fidyah, etc. You can send money as low as $1 to as much as you want with no fee and hassle.

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Masjid AlSahabah
11333 Whispering Oaks Dr.
Conroe TX 77385


We begin the blessed month of Ramadan by announcing that the Alsahabah Masjid will be established, with your participation, as in previous years, to open the door to break the fast for the fasting people every day of the month of Ramadan.
And that the amount for each day is approximately 500 dollars.
And you can pay half the amount, if two people share one breakfast for one day, provided that each one pays 250 dollars.
Any amount can be contributed, as much as possible.

Note: There will be no selection for the days of this blessed month so the reward is for everyone.

Payments method (cash, credit card, Zelle, check)

Zelle: [email protected]

This link is for those who want to pay online:

Please donate generously. Masjid AlSahabah is Section 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Your donation to the Masjid AlSahabah is tax-deductible and Zakat-eligible.